4 Practices of Change-Fit Leadership Teams: Part 2

The 4 Practices of Change-Fit Leadership Teams


“Giving people permission to use their natural inquisitive nature reignites teams.”

Bernie Kelly


Are you a leader determined to transform business and community by having a big impact? Are you dedicated to making things happen and are currently reflecting on what’s going on in the world at the moment? Then Bernie Kelly invites you to come along with him for a short run, then maybe a bit of a stretch, followed by a reflection – which you should repeat a couple of days later.


This is how you build up your ‘change-fitness’.


Don’t be one of those people looking at the future saying it’s too hard, instead think about how you can build yourself up and be a successful player.  


This is Part Two of our conversation with Bernie. If you missed Part One then I strongly suggest you click here to learn about the beginnings of Bernie’s journey and his leadership framework, based on the Change-Fitness Ladder.


In Part One we introduced Bernie’s book called Traction: The 4 Practices of Change-Fit Leadership Teams and chatted about the first of the four practices, ‘Expose’. So now we will move on to the remaining three – Explore, Expand and Exert. 


Explore challenges you to reignite the natural power of curiosity. People are wired to be curious, as we see in children, however this level of curiosity has been commonly institutionalised out of adults. So many breakthroughs happen when you confront and explore reality and, when you challenge assumptions, you open yourself up to be a better human.


Bernie revisits the importance of self-awareness within this discipline, an integration explained clearly in the diagram below, with two parts to consider – self-awareness of things you know about yourself and self-awareness of things you don’t.

Expand relates to the growth side of leadership and was inspired by working with people who are stuck;  stuck at a level, stuck in a market and stuck in a set of circumstances. The key solution here is finding and creating pathways by using divergent thinking. People feel more powerful when they know they have options.


Exert is the final principle and last piece of the puzzle. It is best described by reflecting on the question, “How many well-intended strategies never actually get followed through?” Think of teams with a positive buzz which never gets traction. They use up their energy during one period and actually don’t have the reserves to get up and go again.


If you are nodding yes, then you will find value in Bernie’s advice which relates to hooking into self-accountability, which ignites follow-through energy.


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Bernie has dedicated his life’s work to helping set people and teams up for success. He begins by chipping away at challenges in a way that builds confidence and helps people to see bigger potential than they would have seen before. His mission is to be an enabler for other people to achieve their goals, whilst spreading the word on how leaders can have a significant impact.  


If you are ‘curious’ and keen to reflect on where you sit on the change-fitness ladder for the next period, have the growth mindset to ‘expand’ your perspective and are motivated to open yourself up to be bigger, then you should listen to our conversation here. ‘Exerting’ yourself to actively participate in Bernie’s proven exercises could be just what you need to increase your fitness, ready to tackle the next decade head on!


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