Leadership Lessons in a Crisis

Leadership Lessons in a crisis - Matt Spindler


“Leadership isn’t the job of one person in an organisation.”

Matt Spindler



Accountants are known to thrive on certainty and consistency which leaves them feeling like they are in control. At the start of the financial year they know what 90% of their work is going to be. Working to a legislative framework, in just about everything that they do, gives them clarity. So, what happens when certainty goes out the window?


Matt Spindler is a partner and co-owner of MCS Partners, an accounting firm on the Central Coast. He has over 20 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant. I have always held Matt in high regard as he is someone who always challenges his business model and is also a keen Liverpool supporter!


Being in an industry which is at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis, Matt and his team have had their fair share of challenges to overcome within their operations. Moving to working remotely wasn’t a major transition because many of the team already operate in this way. MCS Partners might be a company operating in a traditional type of industry however, they choose to run under a slightly different business model which is constantly adapting and evolving.


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This current crisis has identified for them, that while there is more available time when you are working remotely, the efficiency of working collaboratively, to resolve issues quickly, is more challenging. This has been particularly evident when the team at MCS Partners found all their clients needed attention at exactly the same point in time.


As a leader, Matt is constantly faced with both internal and external issues to solve. The external issues are more direct with clients having a clear approach in telling their Accountant exactly what they need. The internal issues are more complex and, as Matt has noticed, he defaults to assuming what people need. During this podcast Matt elaborates on lessons learnt while being a leader in a crisis. He reflects on past habits, how he is currently remaining focused in the present, as well as planning for the future.


In the past Matt has been content with identifying that ‘if you have people with similar value systems, that’s what gels the team together’. Right now, Matt has shifted his attention to focus on the power of a common goal. He has had the valuable opportunity to take a previously theoretical insight and actually really appreciate that, in times like these, teamwork is the only thing that matters. As for the future, Matt has used this insight to start forming plans for a new culture and leadership direction.


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Culture is a reflection of leadership so, to transform a business culture, leaders have to change first. Matt now understands the importance of aligning people to a common goal and has seen how culture, teamwork and leadership develop from there.


Click here to listen to the two key things Matt has used to create certainty and focus. Hear the questions Matt is prepared to put in front of his team, to begin what could well be a tough conversation, as he continues to adapt and evolve MCS Partners to the ever changing working environment.


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