Josh Rose Talks About Mariners Culture

Josh Rose Talks About Mariners Culture

Josh Rose talks about Mariners Culture.

“Take yourself out of your comfort zone to prove yourself. Go and do things with no fear.”

Josh Rose


Josh Rose has carved out a long and successful professional football career just doing the simple things. This  involves giving 100% every day as he concentrates on doing his job. His esteemed career includes both national and international experience. A definite highlight was his time playing for the Mariners, an A-league football club, coached by Graham Arnold. Josh was involved with the club when the team was on top of the league and was also there when the team was on the bottom. 


Now, after 17 years as a professional footballer, playing 350 games, Josh has drawn on these experiences and founded Rose Football Academy. After retaining 100% of his client base from 2019, it is clear that the local Central Coast community supports Josh. He is now focused on coaching and mentoring the next generation of football stars. 

Hello and thank you for joining us for episode one of The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) podcast. The purpose of TCoT is to create conversations which assist in bringing out the best in you as a leader and your team. We intend to inspire a positive working culture by focusing on culture, leadership and teamwork across business and sport. I’m excited to chat to Josh in this episode as I believe team sport can teach us so much. I know my passion for football, including my beloved Liverpool Football Club, is mirrored by many listeners of this podcast. 


The purpose of these weekly conversations, as discussed in our introduction, is to actively work towards increasing the worldwide staff engagement statistic. This currently stands at only 13% of employees being engaged in their work. There are many ways in which we aim to facilitate this. One way is to seek out and share stories based around strategies and experiences that sporting leaders (of their chosen sport) have taught around team culture, leadership and teamwork. 


The Interview

For this very first conversation I had the great privilege to introduce a friend of mine Josh Rose. Join us as we delve into detail on the main points which Josh believes are the makings of success. This is what he personally experienced through the glory days and the not so glory days, as a professional footballer for the Central Coast Mariners


It’s hard to imagine that a man with such high accolades and proven success didn’t come from intense training in institutes and academies. It was from simply challenging himself to raise his game to a higher level. Josh believes you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone to prove yourself. His successful career shows he was never afraid to do just that. You have to agree, this has definitely helped him in the long run. 


This discussion explores the idea of leaders successfully implementing genuine connection and how this results in work not feeling like, well, work.


In this episode, Josh talks about Mariners Culture. Josh shares the strategies he considers essential in creating a culture where your team loves coming to work each and every day.


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