How to Handle Office Politics (The Politics of Offices)


What makes an office environment toxic?


That is just one of the questions I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on with Amber Daines, host of The Politics of Everything podcast.


I love hosting and learning from my own guests on The Culture of Leadership podcast. I also love talking with others around the broad subjects of culture, leadership and teamwork. Unfortunately, how to handle office politics is a topic that too many people in the workplace have to think about.


A few other questions we covered during the interview were:

  • Can you succeed in your career without office politics playing a part?
  • Is there a way to set up an office, physically or culturally, so that teams can learn to trust each other faster, and are more productive and happier?
  • What is the new normal going to have to do better to make a remote workforce still appreciate an office?


To wrap it up, I was able to share some actionable advice for any leader, at any level of an organisation, how to reduce the chances of having to deal with office politics.


Listen here to The Politics of Offices with The Culture of Leadership host, Brendan Rogers.


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