Does Team Building Get Results?

Does Team Building Get Results


“A culture of caring and not caring really impacts the level of investment an employee will put into your business.”

Pip Scott-Allen


Pip Scott-Allen has gathered experience in a variety of roles covering ice and rock climbing, mountain expeditions, tree top walks, abseiling and survival skills, as well as being an outdoor education leader at Canadian camps for school children. You are probably getting the impression that he is somewhat of an ‘energetic dude’ and so perhaps the first question we should be asking him, before “Does Team Building Get Results?”, is what coffee he drinks!


Luckily for us here in Australia, Pip has relocated from his previous home in Canada, to the Hunter Region of New South Wales and has transferred his abundant energy into his current role as Director and Lead Facilitator at Premier Team Building. You will now find Pip designing and facilitating corporate team building events. He aims to create an environment where people disarm themselves and let their guard down, so they can have some fun while learning new skills.


The ultimate goal is to make your team awesome!


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Businesses are currently facing a change in team dynamics. New people are coming, old people are leaving and teams are downsizing, all while having to rely on relating to people in a different format. The typical challenges Premier Team Building are currently helping people overcome, through their program, are: 

  • Individual connections
  • Building trust and respect
  • Communication barriers
  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with change


This is not an event where Pip will preach how to motivate, how to be a creative problem solver and how to deliver excellent customer service. These facilitated events can sometimes come with a negative connotation, that team building activities are really great for the day, but the lessons are not implemented back in the workforce.


So, how are they closing that gap and transferring the learning from a game-like experience back into the office?


Throughout his career Pip has worked with the good, the bad and the ugly of leaders and has worked in some amazing companies as well as some that did not care. He therefore understands the power behind fun, hands-on team building events and has seen first-hand how businesses and their employees benefit from the working relationship they have with each other. Pip thrives on seeing how a team can go into an event broken and come out united and driven to see real success within one another – that ‘Aha!’ moment.


Premier Team Building begins with a complimentary team assessment to ensure the challenges are relevant and that they can get results. They design and facilitate custom team building events where people walk out happy and motivated, while feeling invested-in by the company. The daily reports which are delivered after each session are designed to be used as a tool to deliver leaders with the insight they need to implement the lessons. They must be accountable to themselves and their team for follow-through after the event.


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Keen to learn how Pip and his team disarm people to leave their baggage back in the office, focus on the positives experienced during the day and then relate these learnings back to the workplace to help bring a new light into everyone’s life?


Join us over at The Culture of Leadership Podcast to listen to Pip relay some key highlights from some of his most memorable events and to uncover exactly why the mantra “ok, then how” is an effective way to create the ‘buy-in’ aspect and develop trust during a conversation around implementing change.


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